By far the most common suggestion I'm seeing on these boards. Honestly I feel like the reasoning for this should be obvious and has been stated in every post that has suggested it. It has also been said repeatedly since the official announcement. Its not some out of left field suggestion it is an argument that has been repeated many many times and acknowledged by Swen in interview and even though I believe he said larger party size was something they were considering (I might be wrong there, but i believe it was something he mentioned after people kept saying to him about a larger party) it seems they didn't consider hard enough and I would hazard a guess that the reason the party size stayed at four was because a larger party meant more companions needed to be made and that drives up cost and dev time exponentially if you want the companions to be highly interactive with what's going on. Too many cRPG devs see larger parties as a cool extra that they can do if they have time to make it work after getting the core experience sorted. In fact it is a necessary part of the core experience when using a well defined class based system as the player needs to cover the basic roles and have a slot or two for the RP focused character, or interesting character that doesn't fit into a specific role particularly well (eg. with 4 slots it will never.... never be worth it to take a great old one warlock as their in PnP is essentially RP sloot, fun but not so good in a fight). The reason the 4 man party works in tabletop is because you have a DM to tailor the experience to suit your slightly off-kilter party composition, not to mention that most PnP is considerably lighter on combat than most cRPGs

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