Character Creation

Creating a Half-Elf cleric (I assume more domains will be coming as being able to choose your god but being limited to Light, Trickery and Life is very limiting) and I do not get the options of choosing 2 proficiencies (Skill Versatility in the Players Handbook) meaning unless I go for a Sailor background I cant choose Perception as a skill.

In a cave where I find a prayer so say to open a container. There is no explanation on how to say the prayer though the character admits this is what will open the container (Reading it does nothing, Right clicking the prayer and container gives no options, using a cleric also gives no options)

Dying because the game keeps damaging you while in a cutscene (Dark Tome) which you cannot avoid. If there is a cutscene the damaging effects should pause while we have no control

Mage Hand appears to have hitpoints and can be killed which limits its use (like moving items from traps)

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