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At this point I honestly feel like one of these threads should be stickied so that people can just add their +1. Currently there are a ton of separate threads so its hard to see how much support this suggestion actually has.

As I said when i made a thread suggesting it though, to make it a 5 man party you would really need about twice as many companions as there currently is in game.

I've been seeing threads like this since the game was first announced and the party size was confirmed, but not many, if any explained the writers view point on why it was something they wanted, so I have tried to approach this in a constructive manor, explain why I think the larger party can be a benefit and offer up a solution, As for adding more companions I know more are planned but I'm not sure how many more are coming.
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I totally agree with that
even 5 Player Party would be good

4 Players is just lacking and locking us into specific roles

While five people in the party would be better than four I still believe that six is kind of the perfect number. My favourite memory from BG1 is the end dungeon on the way to fight Saravok, I had 2 front line fighters and a cleric holding the line against a hoard of enemies while my rouge archer and two mages attacked from behind the front line, it felt so epic to set up a formation and use tactics to face of against overwhelming odds and I just don't see that sort of scenario happening with only four party members.