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Gonna be the evil guy for this thread.

I like the 4 man party. The limitation makes you think of more creative solutions to problems and perhaps your own unique character. Want to fill that rogue role but like rangers too? Play an urban ranger. It's flavourful as well. Wizards can open locks too.

In battle, you have to use your classes to their full extent. No party member is just there as a skill monkey. Makes you chosen companions matter more since you really depend on them for success. The cleric is not a healbot, it is a Cleric with a capital C.

Please do, the more oppions the better, just because I prefer a six man party I'm not arrogant enough to say it's the only way to play. I appreciate that a lot of people like the challenge and limits that a reduced party size can bring, solo BG runs have been a thing since it was first released. For those that like doing solo runs that function ability will be built into the game by default since you won't have to recute anyone to your party if you so choose and player like you who like a four player party are covered as well, but people like me who like a bigger party size will be at the mercy of mods and modders and there ability to keep it up to date and compatible with elements of the game that may conflict with it, whereas something built into the game by Larian themselves will bee much more reliable.
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I would definitely like at least 5 party members.

However, Larian seems to believe that more than four people would be too cumbersome and create excessively long combat. I unfortunately don't think they're going to budge on that one. But you can try.

I do want them to make the game the way that they want to and balance it around their vision, all I ask is that they give players the option even if it comes with warnings that it will reduce difficulty and potentially break the ballance of the game and therefore achievements will be disabled.