• Playing on steam, created a multiplayer lobby and only the most recently joined player's Steam Name and Icon showed up.
• After my first conversation with Gale my Raven familiar stopped flying when idle, it was frozen mid-air, this might be a timed thing and not exactly to do with Gale, but was when it happened for me.
• First noticed multiplayer characters still had a "listening" icon above them after leaving a scene, this first happened after the intellect devourer "Us" scene.
• Personally had a graphical bug where in a 4player group when I watched the first scenematic with Lae'Zel the controlling player's "parasite effect pulse" didn't stop for the whole scene, the other players did not experience this.
• When playing with 4players and picked up Us and Lae'Zel on the illithid ship the string of player portaits in the bottom left covered most of the melee/ranged attack buttons. Experienced on 2560x1440.
• Playing 4player multi and on the illithid ship 3 death saves didn't get the player up with 1hp, they stayed "down".
• First scene with Astarion he isn't holding his dagger so much as it looks glued to his hand.
• Inventory contents dissappeared at times durign a 4player game, this was resolved by sorting the inventory for the affected player, but was jarring and unexpected.
• Speaking with Zorru near to the caged goblin in the Hollow plays the wrong audio clip or shows the wrong text, either way they don't match.
• In the druid grove when I first got there, I spoke with Mino but his conversation line cut itself off prematurely, 99% sure I didn't press space bar.

Graphical Issues:
• During the Transponder room dragon scene, the player was hovering above the floor.
• On the first long rest my Wood Elf was lain on his bed, but was hovering obviously above the bedroll.

• In multiplayer games when watching cinematics please could we watch the controlling player's roll, it feels wierd waiting for something to happen without seeing it, it would be an amazing moment celebrating or comiserating a roll together instantly without waiting for a report from the controlling player.
• Please can we have a ping function like that of DOS2, so that when playing multiplayer we don't have to go into excrutiating detail to describe what we are suggesting to each other, "other there by the pot next to the pillar" "which one there are six pillars", a ping funciton which shows up ingame would help speed player interactions and help alleviate frustrations.
• Character portraits are naked? Could they be wearing their current gear please?
• Custom Character cinematic conversation choices are great, but can we please have them voiced? Some rare interactions are voiced from our custom character and it's beautiful to experience. A mute protagonist isn't the most fun.
• If a player is rolling death saves and we wish to help them perhaps clicking on them could be context sensitive to auto-"help".
• Could the game please auto-save either before entering a long rest at the camp or after exiting it please.
• Overall more auto-save triggers in the first area would be nice too, although not entirely necessary.
• When connected and filled a multiplayer party into a lobby could we please have a "load game" button so we don't have to go into character creation mode.
• Alternatively related to Multiplayer loading; when the save-holder has loaded the save could we please be able to invite players to the game from the "session" screen.