Some bugs from me aswell:

Weird lighting bug when having conversation with people in camp (happened several times with Gale, Shadowheart, and Lae-zel).

Gale at camp appears to take out and read something, however he is holding nothing and is doing a reading animation.

The cook 'Okta' in druid camp is stuck in same pose entire conversation.

Items stack on top of each other and sometimes a blank slot appears that can't be filled in.
(2 items on same cell):

Fog cloud effect seems to show some square/plane in some lighting conditions.

No sound in cutscene when opening the large Sarcophagus (where the hooded undead appears from) in the ruins.

A lot of times the playable characters will walk through closed doors.

Carry/weight limit seems to be broken and appears to cause 'Encumbered' only at 90 weight at double your weight limit instead of actual value that's shown.

Inside the herb cellar in in 'Blighted Village' and further inside behind the mirror door the camera bugs out and both characters and enviroment seems to dissapear. Zooming in close makes it so you can see everything again. This appears to be a common camera bug inside small and tight areas.

In the Gnarled Teahouse (in the hidden room leading down to the lair) the camera bugs out and characters/environment dissapears.

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