I encountered a bug, after I killed the Drow in the goblin temple with the Druid, I did the cut scene with him he told me to meet him back at the Grove, I fast travelled from the Goblin Camp to the Grove, I talked to Haslin, he told me to go see Rath for my reward, I collected my reward, ran back to Haslin did the dialogue with him where he tells the Druid chick she's starting over and re-learning the ways of the druid and that I would need to come back tomorrow for his help. It was at this point I decided to save the game and I received a message telling me that saving a game mid-dialogue was not allowed and for the next 4 hours while I ran around playing I couldn't save the game. My previous save game was just before the fight with the Drow. I had been in several cut scenes talking to various characters in the previous 4 hours till my parties death and at no point could I ever save the game.

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