Just a few issues:

1. After I chose my warlock's eldritch invocations (Devil's Sight, Agonizing Blast) they don't show up on the character sheet and I definitely don't have any kind of Dark Vision let alone a type that sees through Darkness. I thought they might show up after another level if the stats/abilities got recalculated... but they didn't.
2. Hex sometimes vanishes after casting rather than being able to be cast again.
3. The familiar imp doesn't have Devil's Sight either. Totally night blind.
4. During the owlbear fight it told me that I would be disadvantaged on ranged attacks since someone was in melee. However, then it wouldn't let me take any action at all whether it was jump out of range, cast a spell at disadvantage or use an item.
5. Rally Cry doesn't restore 8 hit points. Seems very repeatable.
6. Revivify does not target characters that die in the water.
7. If a character is bleeding out (death saves) at the end of a fight and there is a cut scene, they WILL die since there is no way to Help or heal them.

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