I'm using Wyll, Lae'zel, Shadowheart and my Wizard. At lvl3 now.

I've only played DoS1, and have done about 75% of the first map, so I'm not really tuned to Larien gameplay, which I think might be a big factor. I've completed BG1+2, Icewind Dale and NWN2 on the standard difficulty, so I'm coming at it from that angle. I've played a lot of 5E, so I've been trying to tackle combat encounter as best as I can, like using sleep as an early spell, and trying to get good bane/bless coverage to get rolls in my favour.

I feel like I have to use a lot of slots to keep my wizard alive as anyone can just jump around and ignore threatened space or get into really high spots. With the verticality of the maps, I can't keep him at max range and blast the spells out because I'd have no LoS.

I'll play tonight and spam buy heal pots. I do focus enemies down or try to mitigate enemies, but combat really drags on, and when I start on the back foot it's just an uphill slog.

On the otherside, fights where I do win, are a complete steam roll. So I think there is something up with the balancing, because I don't tend to have comfortable fights, either hell or lol go home.

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