+1 I definitely need a party size of 6.

And I think that the game is nearly already balance for it...
I won't spoil here but since the beginning, I'm fighting a lot and there are many "huge" battles (I'm inside the goblin camp).

I can deal with those battles with a group of 4 but that's not always easy.
I like difficulty but I think some don't.

=> More party members mean less difficulty for this "normal game mode".

Another thing in those huge combat is how slow they are...
Not because of TB or because of D&D but when you face 15 ennemies and have to attack at least 4 times or more each one of them (considering all the miss), that's sooo slow.

=> More companions don't mean slower, but FASTER combat because you can kill your ennemies in less turns.

I also notice that there is the EXACT place for 2 more potraits... I hope.

French Speaking Youtube Channel with a lot of BG3 videos : https://www.youtube.com/c/maximuuus