Just gonna add the links of the posts I've made since you only want quick summaries.

Black Screen and Lost Control During Intro
Lost control of my characters when trying to get the brain to regroup with my party.

"Find the Missing Shipment" Quest Marker problem
Quest marker for "Find the Missing Shipment" is a bit excessive and kind of annoying.

Typo in book in Kagha's room
Just a typo in a book (image included)

Phantom War Drum in Shattered Sanctum
Broken war drum was still used by a goblin despite not existing. (video included)

Ranged attacks not putting me in combat
Potentially caused by me being incredibly far away since I had high ground, my spells weren't putting me in combat at all. (video included)

Inventory scrolling up when moving items
Exactly what it sounds like. Annoying when managing inventory. (video included)

Sword of Justice still there
Sword of justice should be gone, but it's still equipped and I can still use it. (image included)

And I didn't make this one, but I was going to:
Defiled Temple Moon Door Puzzle Broke
Moon puzzle has missing pieces that seem to be moving around sporadically (video included)