OP doesn't sound like a D&D veteran at all...


Gale: He is an unbridled meh. He is a character that at best you would use because he is a wizard and you need one. At worst you let him die first. Because its the most common trope for spell casters used. The insightful insufferable know-it-all. Its worse because he flat insults the PC being the same level and knowledge base as the player. And has no problem or interaction with a a Warlock? Really? The two classes don't get along.

where do you get that notion from? how do classes not get along? that is totally character specific preference. has nothing to do with the class. maybe you play it like that on your table, but that definitly isn't a rule or anything.

Wyll: He is an interesting character, with him being a warlock its interesting. But given that he doesn't seek knowledge or power, but instead decides to prove his own worth is a class contradiction and conflict. 6/10

again pretty one sided view of characters. a class doesn't define a character as much. a warlock doesn't need to seek power or knowledge at all. all a warlock is, is someone having a pact with a higher being. nothing more.
you can have a pact with all sorts of higher beings for whatever reason.

Alignment and Approval
Both of these mechanics need improvement.
With alignment; if you don't want to lock in choices instead have four bars (Which the player can view) where they grow based on choices made in game; Lawful, Chaotic, Good and Evil. The bars would rise and fall, allowing more dialogue options both with people and Companions. In fact could even take it a step further and allow bonuses to skills: Lawful (Persuasion), Chaotic (Deception), Evil (Intimidation) and Good (Persuasion). Additionally with the followers you would give them a flat disposition amount, so the player knows what their leanings are allowing an easier time understanding how to keep them loyal and friendly.

now i think i know where that "veteran" comes from.
dnd 5e got rid of alignment as much as possible. this game follows this trend. and it is a good choice.
characters aren't as one/two dimensional as OP wants them to be. you aren't restricted by classes and aligments anymore, you are now able to make deeper characters. alignment restrictions and class-lore definitions are a thing of the past. and that is a good thing. nobody liked the lawful stupid paladin in the party. well now you don't have to be one any more.
warlocks don't need to be evil (there was a prestige class that needed them to be). not any more.