Was there an option for game difficulty? I love the story and dont mind a challenge, but im having a real hard time progressing at this rate I feel like its on hard or something. I played normal in DOS2 and was fine.

With the amount of enemies to player ratio I just get swarmed and destroyed, especially against archers. Feel like I need to save every 5 minutes and instead of exploring freely I try avoid everything. Sucks for two reasons, I miss story opportunity and XP.
Anyone else have this feeling? Do I just suck at 5E?

Im a fighter drow, I have lae zel, shadowheart and gale in my party. Gale doesn't seem to do much damage, Shadow is good and lae zel does better than I do.

My rolls seem skewed to, I have yet to have successful rolls, my dialogue rolls are mostly fails. If I get a pass its almost something to celebrate for.