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Found a fix (fixed my game, loaded fine and let me play without crash) courtesy of:

Originally posted by Maitrepof:
In my case i found the problem, by looking a bit aroud the forum in the downtime.

That loading screen take a huge amount of memory (my guess is for the map), i had only 2gb of memory swap (had to set it like that a long time ago to play another game) and that's what cause the crash the game try to take all the memory, in my case something like 6gb and then try to get more for swap (it need about 16gb in total for that loading) and get killed by the os because it is not allowed to.

So my fix was to increase the memory swap by letting windows handle it (default option).

here hows to do it.
and you also need a good amount of free space on your HDD. Something like at least 20Gb.

The loading will still take a huge amount of time, something like 2 minutes maybe more. But at least it can finish.

Hope it helps.

This also works for me, so maybe it will fix your game as well. Ain't gonna hurt to try.