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Hunters Mark seems to carry over between combat. I killed something a while ago which ended combat. In new combat later on I was able to use it's re-apply option.
Not familiar with it in DnD, only googled the 5e description. Could be intentional in the game.

I have encountered this issue with an item that is supposed to grant 1 cast of Speak With Dead per day. It allows me to cast it repeatedly, with the recast variant of the spell.

Re-read the description of the necklace. It doesn't imply it can only be used once per long rest to talk to the dead, just that it requires a long rest to use the necklace again. The dead hold no secrets to you now. It would be pretty useless if you had to long rest between every corpse. The dead are mainly to provide flavor and lore, so that would be counter productive.

Once you activate it to grant yourself the "Can speak to the dead" buff, you are just "casting" the alternate version to interact with the next corpse as a UI choice rather than "casting the full spell again". It is basically a concentration spell, but the concentration is being done by the necklace.

*edit* If you are just reading the spell description, that isn't useful here, because it doesn't account for the spell being cast by the necklace instead of cast naturally.

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