Have confirmed that there is a bug for possibly all platforms, but that is reproducable and a way around it specifically for Stadia users.

Cutscene between Nautiloid Ship and Ravaged Beach is bugged and will keep users from progressing. This is right after you interact with the helm on the Nautiloid ship.

This seems to be something several users are facing, but I have confirmed Stadia specific conditions. More info on the issue and others experiences with it here http://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=678701#Post678701

On Stadia Chromecast with controller:
3 times it failed to load the Ravaged Beach correctly killing the game's ability to progress and forcing you to reload

On Stadia Chrome browser with mouse and keyboard:
Twice now it has worked perfectly and loaded the Ravaged Beach allowing the game to progress