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Real time with pause; although i also quite liked and used to it, removes initiative's importance from game.

Also after DM'ing for 5e, GM'ing for Pathfinder 2.0 I realized, RtWp also can cause very different combat scenarios from tabletop, which all the rules of this game derives from.

Turn based is what the rules are developed upon, too many tids and bits will change because of adapting to a Computer Game but , this is quite fundamental.

Initiative can allow a wizard to go first, cast when there is still range and move away. RTWP destroys this advantage if someone comes into melee range before you can give order or etc. There are countless scenarios which it "breaks" the rules in unexpected ways.

So I stand with Turn-Based.

This take is probably closest to how I feel. Realistically the TTRPG was balanced for turn based, there for the system should be turn based. The reason why BG I and II weren't is because they wanted to more directly compete with Diablo from a gameplay perspective.