Hello, just a fan wanting to give a bit of feedback on the glitches and some idead that I've noticed throughout my 12 hour total playtime through multiple characters

If it helps, here's my PC specs:

-Manufacturer: ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.
-Model: ASUS Desktop PC G11CB-G11CD Series
-Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz
-Installed memory (Ram): 16.0 GB
-System Type: 64-bit operating system (Windows 10), x64-based processor
-Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB


- This bug is by far the most distracting and problematic for me. almost every other time I talk to anyone that triggers the conversation engine, they'll go through the body animations, but their mouths don't move until the next voice line is played. this can even happen multiple times in the same conversation if the camera changes. so it happens a lot.

- I don't know if it's my system specs, but textures take an incredibly long time to load, if they load at all. Often times entire terrain assets will be missing, like walls and floors, and I'll be able to see through the world. I don't know what triggers it, but it seems to be anytime I load in or re-load in parts of the map.

- I know that you guys have seen this, but the ragdol-lololol-ing happens when I use certain abilities, specifically anytime someone dies with them taking an affect that would make them go prone or knocked back into something.

- The game really likes to freeze up every now and then. I don't know what causes it? but it usually happens when loading new things. it'll freeze up on me for around 5-15 seconds but then it will continue.

- I don't know if it's intended, but I've noticed that sometimes conversations get completely skipped when going to camp. for instance, when I first camped, I was expecting Lae'zel to chastise me for taking a rest because that's happened every time I've camped for the first time, but after the last one where I didn't rest until level 3, the conversation never came up, along with Gale's 'go to hell' reflection.

- I've noticed that sometimes the game has a hard time registering when something is in range, or shouldn't be in range or has line of sight. again, I don't know what triggers it, but sometimes the game will say that I have a clear shot when my character has to do the pathfinding dance in order to do it. I've even noticed enemies that should clearly be able to hit me freeze for hours on end while they try and figure out what to do. Or I'll be shooting a skeleton in the middle of the open chapel with no cover and it will say that I'm not in range.

- Getting into the minor stuff here, but the first combat I ever encountered killed me during the tutorial menu popups for combat. The intellect devourer that I pissed off trying to cripple Nat 20'd me and auto killed my warlock. Afterwards the game broke, it wasn't accepting the fact that I died and couldn't do anything, so I had to re-load. This instance where I've died and been unable to do anything while the game was still going has only happened a couple times for me, but it's always been a debby-downer when it shows up.


I'm no coder or anything, so I don't know how hard some of these things will be to implement, but I'd still like to be able to give my feedback anyway. I hope that these are easy enough to implement and don't get in the way of bigger fish to fry. The game is astounding without these changes, but if you guys were able to get around to them, this game would be that much more amazing.

-I've noticed that certain animations may need a layer of polish, especially for dwarves. For one specific instance, when trying to free the intellect devourer in the beginning, the other more human sized characters looked careful when taking out the brain, but the dwarf just stuck both his hands clear through the guy's skull, probably squishing it. Funny as it was, it probably wasn't intended.

-Being able to drop concentration would be nice. Anytime I want to kill the light cantrip I've casted or have wanted to end an area effect spell so I can walk across has been an exercise in tedium. Granted this one seems like it might be a bit complex to implement, but I bet it'll be loved if implemented.

-Some indication that you're rolling with advantage, or being guided would be nice. The single die roll has been something that I've wanted in RPGs for a long time, ever since Icewind Dale. But knowing intemently how 5e works, showcasing when you're rolling 2 dice, or adding a d4, or bardic inspiration dice would be that much cooler instead of trying to figure out what options you'd have advantage on.

-Helmet toggle... the game needs one. Especially since facial animation is so key to look at. I know it's been implemented in your other titles, I know that you can bring it back. In fact, having some type of costume layer where you're able to dress in the armors that you like sounds pretty cool.

-I know that it'll be a balancing nightmare, but I genuinely think the game would be better if you could bring the whole party along, but have some downside for it. All of these characters bounce off of each other so well and so often that i feel genuinely bad and cheated for missing out on certain interactions. I know that's what multiple playthroughs are for, but it's somewhat disheartening knowing I'm missing out. Granted I'm not holding you to the standard of the original BG games, but you had a party size of 6 back then. Maybe something like an xp penalty or a buff/debuff to enemies depending on party size? Maybe make it a singleplayer only thing? This one probably won't be implemented, but it's a change that I think would be worth adding.

-This is by far the lowest in terms of priority, but a survival system I think would go miles in terms of immersion and roleplay. Imagine if you're going into the undermark, and suddenly you realize that the majority of food is poisonous or wants to kill you, so you have to burn through your rations instead of living on the road. Right now, the game doesn't have that layer of tension, but some of my best moments in D&D were fighting the elements, scrounging for food and looking for warm or cool places to take shelter. All that said, i can definitely see this being something that the game doesn't need. The game is immersive enough as it is and it definitely wouldn't be for everyone, probably its own separate difficulty mode at the very most, but I think that it would be amazing were it to be implemented.


All that said and done, You guys have done an amazing job so far. I can't wait to see the other classes and races in action when the game fully releases. Thank you all so much for making 2020 bearable! You guys deserve more praise than I can give!
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