My experience so far...

I noticed that while I get a nat 20, sometimes the game drops fps insanely, to the point where I need to force close it and reload. Running settings on Ultra with a 2070 super.

Sometimes killing enemies causes their body to rubber band around.

The standard light armor has disadvantage on stealth checks? Seems odd when the rogue comes with armor that gives him disadvantage LOL

Occasionally the camera gets stuck and goes around in a circle. This happens when I hold alt and am moving the camera with my q and e bindings

Playing Multiplayer, constantly seeing my teammate is in dialogue then occasionally getting a bug where they can't do anything because the bottom 4 buttons of the dialogue UI are the only options.

Mindflayer tendrils, Tiefling tails, Dragon and Demon wings all seem to have a mind of their own.

During dialogue sometimes characters shake a bit.

After choosing the warlock ability devil vision option, my character was not gaining any of the bonuses.