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I have no issue with a core 4 person party as long as I can hire additional mercs, tame beasts, have NPC’s for specific quests join, etc...

There are multiple ways to cook a goose and whilst I love the 6 man party aspect of BG1&2, I believe the focus here is on the story and interaction of the core party. So that’s fine by me, as long as I can artificially inflate the group for those epic moments, or in order to have a weird and colourful group composition.

I don’t need 6 heavy story based characters in my party at all times, I mean I’m not against it, but you do build in more replayability by limiting which of the story characters you have taken this playthrough.

Again, I’m not anti 6, I just think this discussion is perhaps too focused on it being black or white, where I do think Larian is considering some middle ground and considering the multiplayer aspect.

Allow me to summarize:
"4 is fine as long as I can have more than 4"

Lol that’s not what I was saying hehe
I was saying this all came about because Larian said you had to decide which characters at the end of Chapter1 you were sticking with.

Thus my claim is that I don’t mind a CORE party of 4 IF I can add to it with npc’s, animals, whatever.

Because I actually largely agree with larger parties and the conversations about interesting compositions. So far though I’ve gone with my experience from BG1&2 (I’ve yet to try BG3 EA), and that was very combat heavy, so a team of six really did allow for some oddball characters tagging along.

I’m also totally up for fully fledged 6 characters all with epic stories and interaction, I just appreciate it’s a ton of work to get that to work! Hence my 4 core plus 1 or 2 slot fillers.

Sorry that was as much a joke response as anything.

But yes basically the idea of a set of fully fleshed out companions + a slot or two going to much less interactive companions (mercs or whatever you want to call them) which is the compromise I would push, though I would still say 5 party slots would be the best compromise to limit the amount of additional balance work that would have to be done.