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Well, we are probably wasting our breath here, since Larian, with all its upsides, is almost NOTORIOUS for being stubborn and sticking to their poor design decision no matter how much feedback they get against it (the obscene randomized loot system of their past games or the massively criticized armor system in DOS 2 come to mind).

Ugh, tell me about it. This is why most feedback i've given about stuff doesn't come with optimism that it'll change, because they can just be like "nah i like this". Not gonna go into specifics about what I've talked about, not needed. Just wanted to reinforce what you said. It's even more relevant because we don't know if a change is going to happen UNTIL it happens. They don't bother putting out any sort of roadmap or list of changes they are going to do. So we could be focusing on things that are already planned for changes and not on things that they aren't and we should give feedback on the latter. Larian has it's upsides...being vocal and communicating during EA on what their plans are and what they are doing isn't one of them. Wasn't during OS2 and probably won't be for this either. Haven't seen them talk leading up to EA about a roadmap of sorts so we have an idea of their plan. It's a very one sided thing.