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Everyone can talk in one conversation? Offering their rolls to conversational choices? Why have choices at all then? You are loading the dice. How is this even fun when you "win" every conversation? Why. Roll. The. Dice. At. All.

There is a difference in failing a check when a character tried something they are decent on, then failing with something they can't do at all. No I don't want my rogue reading this arcane book and failing because guess what, i know he will, i want the wizard 2 feet back to try instead. Now if he fails, sure, w/e, lets move on!
D&D is a team game. Not a single person game. The team works together to overcome challenges, not look around at butterflies while one character does everything, ESPECIALLY when you get ambushed into a convo and the person they talk with is...less then ideal. This isn't a solo adventure, it's a team of adventurers.

Every crpg does this now. Pillars, Pathfinder, Wasteland, even Solasta with its much smaller budget and team, because they realize that you're playing a team game. As a group of adventurers.

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