Sometimes killed enemies start to shudder and twist and become like 50m large (inside), or get 50m large and fly away.

In the options (game-settings) some buttons are in the middle of the selection (german version, maybe an issue with word lengths).

When leaving the secret necromancer lab to the room next (where you get back to the main cellar with the lever to open the wall) becomes partially invisible, as well as the characters.

Nettie has some issues with her character model during the sequence of curing the bird.

The old woman in the druid cove did really strange things with her hands during conversation, looked like the animation wasn't readily programmed.

When trying to pick up the book of Thay the whole dialog sequence immediately repeated.

After picking up the book I got all characters out of the room save (using this combat round mode), but when I switched back to normal, the whole group immediately ran back into the room to get a free fire trap attack. wink

When saving the girl in the druid cove from the attack of the gnoll after the first gialogue (where she gave me that sould gem), the dialogue immediately reappeared the same way, only that this time she was pissed in the end that someone had stolen her soul gem.

When changing the trader to the lower left, the equipment comparison still refers to the person who initiated the trade, not the selected trader.