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Seems like the manual dice roller isn't taking ability score + proficiency into account. Numerous times I've had a target of, say, 7 and I roll a 4 with a +3 - if it meets, it beats, this is not being applied, it seems. If it is being applied, then the meeting of the target is not passing, as it should be.

I don't think this is a bug, plz larian person correct me if I'm wrong.

If you play several characters you'll notice that the difficulty is different nearly every time. For instance Us's first perception roll has ranged for me from 7 to 12 depending on my stats, and my profiencies. From this I've gathered your + and - are in what you need to beat not your roll itself. So if your perpetion is +5 and the original difficulty of the roll is 15 it shows a difficulty of 10.

Bugs in appearance overall
Versatile weapons appear to be only useable in both hand. (unsure if its me missing some button) they do appear to work with shield, but not dual wield. (not thoroughly tested dual wield)

Bugs on the Ship!

cg dragon at final cutscenes flame looks more like it's hurling a stream of puss then actual flames.
Us previous Host go flying when I remove Us from his head. Also glitches elongating, are hovering in air. Side not this happens in other instances throughout game.
if you break the treasure chest the items go flying and don't show up when you alt. (unsure if intentional or not, or related to above bug.) the same has happened with other containers.
A rare glitch causes random things to seeming be immune to damage. though if they take another hit the damage shows up at times.
Explodetion of barrels in some instances cause the AI to take no damage instead of half damage.
CG female. If you push the button in room with cleric the cg starts shows you walking to investigate, after cutscene your still by the button. (unsure if intentional or not)

Bug in CG

Shadowheart = At end of her first meeting cutscene duplicates herself.
Al has his dagger glued to his hand in cutscene of his first meet.
Odd smirk for no reason your characters face in some cg's. Kinda creepy.

Bug Battle
If you get the halfings crew to run, the battle starts when the archer goes within range of La'Ezal???