ALLCAPS because because this is one of my random ideas rather than an official request, but I figured it would be helpful to create a list of prevailing themes that are coming up in the feedback forum so they aren't forgotten in in the noise.

Please feel free to reply with stuff you want included; but please check first that it is not already listed.

I would also appreciate it if submissions are kept brief: a one-line overview and a link to an existing discussion would be most helpful to me as this is just something I'm doing in my own time.

Please keep any debates about any given subject in its own topic where it can be reviewed in detail if necessary; that would be really helpful to me. Thanks! Emerging subthreads will either be pared off into their own discussions or pruned: which isn't me laying down the law, it's just to ensure I can keep up.

Updates may will be applied sporadically so don't panic if it's not included straight away.

List I: frequent and/or high importance

  • Character creation: more diversity, i.e. heads, head-parts, sliders etc.
  • Turn-based/Real Time with Pause: The Debate.
  • Party dialogue: let the player choose who speaks.
    Have companion skill proficiencies be accessible in the dialogue, and be able to use their skill proficiencies (important especially when dialogue is initiated on the player and they can't pick the companion that should actually talk)
    e.g. I talk to someone who wants to learn some fighting moves, I'm no Fighter, but Lae'zel is. I should be able to pick Laezel (Fighter) - Dialogue option and let her do the explaining.
  • Surfaces, i.e. ice, grease, fire, acid etc: there are far too many of them. Reduction rather than removal.
  • in addition: Cantrips shouldn't create surfaces, there are higher spells that do things like that
  • Dialogue selection: Space bar should only advance through dialogue, not select options.
  • Scrolls, scrolls everywhere. Too many scrolls.
  • Containers: who so many? Why so empty?
  • Better inventory management with bags inside our inventory. Naming them, sorting them, and being able to drag items directly into them (as opposed to opening the bag and putting the item into a specific slot)

List II: D&D rulebook

  • Dice rolls: these should have the bonus/penalty modifier added to the value of the dice rather than subtracted to the target. Apparently this is not just a subjective matter but contradicts the D&D rules that rolling a 1 is an automatic fail no matter what.
  • Cantrip damage like acid shouldn't cause -2AC if it's not in the rulebook; Fire Bolt should not leave a fiery area with nothing to set on fire, Ray of Frost should only freeze the ground when there's liquid on it, etc. -- maybe rein in surface effects in general (debate)
  • Duelling bonus. Wrong tooltip description for Dueling fighting style passive: the bonus applies when you hold a 1H weapon in one hand and no other weapon - e.g. also when the other hand holds a shield.
  • Spell preparation: according to PHB, spell-preparing classes can only prepare spells during a long rest (make it subject to difficulty maybe)
  • Spellcasting frequency: according to PHB, casting two spells per turn should not be possible. Bonus Action Spells can only be combined with a cantrip (for instance, you cannot cast Bless and Healing Word on your turn)

List III: user interface

  • Holding ALT and clicking a container in the world should open the container, not put the container in my inventory.
  • Place auto-sort button somewhere easier to find.

List IV: other

  • Character creation. Various points of issue:
    1. clearer view of skill proficiencies and their sources (for instance, "you get this Skill because of your race / background, etc.") - full list, distinguish non-proficient, half-proficient, proficient and expertise
    2. record all "passives" (stuff like 'Dueling' fighting style) on the character sheet as well
    3. resolve when skill proficiencies overlap (for example, getting Stealth from Street Urchin background + get Stealth from Lightfoot Halfling should resolve in me getting to pick another skill proficiency instead)
    4. better ability score tooltips: do not just describe the role of the attributes for classes + combat, explain their meaning also for dialogue etc.
  • NPC Dialogue: NPCs who at the moment of talking to them only have one-liners to offer should not trigger a 'zoomed' dialogue view (or: make it an option whether it does)
  • Party pathfinding: improve so that they don't walk straight into hazards.
  • Guaranteed skill-checks: If there's literally zero chance to fail, I shouldn't need to roll.
  • Fog of War.
  • The Jump/Disengage is too OP, everyone is a kangaroo right now
  • Jumping should decrease movement or have lesser range based on how much you moved
  • Most of the bonus actions shouldn't be bonus actions, that reduces the value of the rogue class, maybe some of them should be subject to attacks of opportunity.
  • Any class can use a scroll, when it should be limited by skill or intelligence
  • (I haven't tested this, but people have posted pictures) wizards can learn healing? That makes them way too OP.
  • Weapons: game should let player opt to use versatile weapons 1H or 2H regardless whether their offhand is empty or not
  • A proper party size: 5 or 6 character party, 4 is too limiting for a D&D computer game.
  • Map markers: Be able to make our own notes on the map.
  • Vertical targeting: Raise and lower map floors so targeting isn't just restricted to the floor our character is on.

Thanks to CamKitty, malks, endolex, Stabbey, Malkie, Certheri and everyone else who took the time to reply, offer feedback, ideas and so on.

Updates added: please don't panic about the categories, names, duplicates or if I haven't included your stuff yet. It's early days and still a bit rough around the edges, but it's a start.

Note to myself: I have got to here so far.

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