And another one

Clicking somewhere out of bounds tells you to use jump to reach, even if the target area can't even be walked on.

My character climbed up a higher ledge using vines, but my camera was unable to follow as it got stuck, probably on the cliff side

Shove can fail, but nothing really tells you. No 'missed' like overhead message, nor does it say in the action log.

Warlock's Dark one's blessing doesn't seen to provide bonus hp sometimes. Not completely sure what causes it, making me wonder if it's a bug, or if I'm missing a mechanic.
Seems losing the hitpoints doesn't remove the buff, and a new buff doesn't overwrite the old one. Maybe comparing the buff's max HP instead of its current HP by accident?

Killing the Mindflayer being rescued by the 3 humans, before any interaction, causes them to just run off. Would expect them to start dialog after their weird experience.

On warlock charter sheet, "lvl 1 The Fiend" doesn't have any entries. Dark One's Blessing should be here.

Trying to attack a prone target and the % tooltip tells me "Player disadvantage on attack." for some reason.

NPC runs away out of range of an enemy during combat, and some weird attack follows. The enemy does what looks like an attack of opportunity, but does so way after the other NPC already moved far away.

I was able to cast further than the range ring is showing. I know my ranger has moments where doing so has disadvantage because it's outside the range, but it's not showing in this case. Unsure if this is a bug, or an unclear mechanic.

I missclick an attack because of camera shake. Something I pointed out in the first list, but now have 'evidence' of what can happen.

Value of an item != actual buy/sell price. I understand the concept, but I'm not sure if it should be pointed out in some way. Maybe a tutorial that tell you how vendor prices might change depending on their reputation?

I have a spear that, when missing an attack with it, applies True Strike on the target. It is applying the buff when I miss with Eldritch Blast.

Gloves of Power applies Bane to both the target and the wearer.

Some NPC don't do anything during combat. no movement, attack, chat

I miss an attack, my weapon gives the target True Strike.
I attack again, she loses True Strike and I miss the attack again. The action log shows I didn't get advantage on the roll (This is the bug). No new True Strike is applied. Don't know if that part is a bug, or if you can't get true strike again in this situation.
After the fact I realize the 3rd miss got advantage on was because of high ground.

During a cinematic in the Druid's Grove, a soup bowl being held is going a bit wonky.

Trying to use AoE spell down a stairs, but the range gets cut off, possibly because of terrain height difference.

I attack the 3 druids in the Druid's Grove (one that turns into a bear in a cutscene) using Burning Hands, yet they don't react in any way. No dialog, no combat, no fleeing, just tired of life it seems.

Starting a fight with these 3 druids causes a flood of NPCs to run up the stairs. Not sure if this is what should be happening, although I later realize what's going on up there.

Starting combat with these druids, the one that turned into a bear in the cutscene, has the human model, despite still having the "Wild shape: Bear" buff.

Sometimes a character's movement action during combat just stops. In this case it happens once my character walk on top of blood.

The Encumbered debuff has a <br> visible in the tooltip

Because of the fight in the Druid's Cove, a couple of tieflings seems to have ran into the prison area and are all standing in the exact same spot

A Couple of druid children in the Tiefling Hideout seem to have done the same

When putting items in a storage container, the list scrolls back to the top.

I seems to be impossible to loot Scale Mail Armour off of corpses

I attacked the 3 druids in the Druid's Cove after the cutscene where one turns into bear, and then causing a massive fight. Talking to Locke and Marricko after the fight will have them talk about the death of their daughter and Kagha. but I've never even set foot in that room, causing it to be a rather weird interaction just assuming things.

Going to Kagha's room after all this, there isn't a single person or corpse to be found.
Looking more closely to the NPCs running up the stairs when the fight started, I realized the people in these rooms also ran up.

Walking around in the Druid's Chambers, I get a success on a perception check. I get a "That might be worth a look" message, but I have no clue what I'm supposed to see. Even looking at it after the fact, I still have no clue what I missed.

Opening multiple containers open on top of each other can be confusing when closing them and a similar container is showing, multiple times in a row.
In addition, when opening container A with an item, then B with no item, if you click A again, it won't show A again, because it's already open hidden behind B. This can be pretty confusing.

If you double click the border of a container window (at least in the top left) the frame will be stuck to your cursor, and move around if your cursor is over the window.

I make my Imp fly somewhere, and it just disappeared completely without even taking off.
In addition, that area is probably not supposed to be accessible judging by my imp disheartening on landing.

Bludgeoning resistance from Blade ward doesn't seem to work.

Dialog with the child on the Secluded Cove gets cut short at the end

In the Tiefling Hideout, a parchment in a pouch has a type in the line "May you can turn it..."

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