Great idea.

A few that I have seen way too often.

I won't make the case for every one of them, people have done so much better than me in the forums, and I'm sure they will show up or someone can find it, this is just a compilation so we can get things going faster.

-Less surfaces, it just feels too much like divinity to have fire and ice and water everywhere every battle, people want to play it more like DnD, focus on what each class is better at. It's not a get rid of the surfaces, but really really tone them down.

-Cantrips shouldn't create surfaces, there are higher spells that do things like that

-Damages from cantrips like acid shouldn't cause -2AC if it's not in the rulebook

-The Jump/Disengage is too OP, everyone is a kangaroo right now

-Jumping should decrease movement or have lesser range based on how much you moved

-Most of the bonus actions shouldn't be bonus actions, that reduces the value of the rogue class, maybe some of them should be subject to attacks of opportunity.

-Scrolls, scrolls everywhere. Too many scrolls.

-Any class can use a scroll, when it should be limited by skill or intelligence

-(I haven't tested this, but people have posted pictures) wizards can learn heal? That makes them way too OP.

Geez, that's all I could remember atm.