A small list of bugs I've come across playing Multiplayer with my friend. I know some of this is just because its early access, and some have probably been posted before already, merely posting to let the dev's know what people may come across:

-NPC's in combat take forever to end their turns sometimes

-Lip sync breaks often, leaving someone speaking without moving lips

-Camera position bugs out sometimes, sometimes even showing underneath the map while in conversation

-Partners HUD completely disappeared mid fight, resulting in him having to leave the session and join back to be able to do any actions

-Texture and terrain loading takes a very long time sometimes

-NPC's with no armor and weapons running into combat just to die in one hit. I know this isn't so much a bug as much as AI needs some work

-Character models T-pose when first loading in for an extended time

-And probably the most frustrating for us so far: manual saves wont work after a few minutes of playing the game. We can manually save for a bit, but after a bit we try and nothing happens. I'll save the game (new save, overwriting old save, all have same results) and I'll have the prompt, but after it should start the saving process, the screen never dims and we never get a message saying Save Successful. This gets particularly annoying as we're afraid of continuing and running into another bug without having a save function, and auto saves are spaced out a bit too far to rely on.

We are absolutely loving the game so far, but the saving issue is making us want to just wait for more hotfixes as we don't want to progress just to lose hours of work because the save feature won't work properly. We can't wait to see what the future holds for the game though. We plan to continue playing some more, so I will post more as we come across them

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