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For the love of god any conversation of import needs to drag the whole party in and decisions should be a thing where the most able person (or whomever the party chooses) says or does a thing. That is HOW a DnD party works. THe charismatic person talks to the guard, not the brain dead fighter because he walked into the room first and no one in the party is even aware they are talking.

SO yeah, dialogues involving everyone and letting the most able person (or whomever the party allows) to do things. Heck could be as simple as the vote system now, where say I select an option and the other two select my face that appears to agree to let that answer/action go.

I shall add something to that effect. I'll look for a discussion unless you have one handy.

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PS: I just realize I recognize you from the forums during div 2 EA. Heya :O

Oh yeah, thought I recognised the name! smile

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EDIT: Also, are you wanting just any list of requests people have? Or are you specifically just wanting people to put in things that they see a lot of?

Either is fine: I've created two lists, one for frequent suggestions we see a lot of and another for other occasional/one-off requests. I can't promise nor even predict how either list will be interpreted by the devs but I figured it was the most effective way of being heard. In doing so I'm not setting myself up as any sort of arbiter or gatekeeper, just a compiler of lists.

Also thanks for the lists, guys! Most helpful, and how did I not think to include surfaces from the outset? And the many empty containers, for that matter...

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