Okay, well I made a fairly detailed list replying to someone else's thread, but since you said you just want one-liners I'll just link it and summarize: my list, for more detail if something seems confusing

1. Better party member pathfinding so that they don't walk straight into hazards

2. Auto success on 1s for skill checks. If there's literally zero chance to fail, I shouldn't need to roll.

3. I would like to be able to access the inventory of my teammates at camp when they aren't in my party.

4. Space bar should only advance through dialogue, not select options.

5. Be able to make our own notes on the map.

6. Raise and lower map floors so targeting isn't just restricted to the floor our character is on.

7. Better inventory management with bags inside our inventory. Naming them, sorting them, and being able to drag items directly into them (as opposed to opening the bag and putting the item into a specific slot)

8. Holding ALT and clicking a container in the world should open the container, not put the container in my inventory.

9. Add more actions, like active search, readying an action, and dodge.