Thank you for this thread! In no particular order...

1) Don't give everyone the ability to disengage/hide as a bonus action. I don't know if rogues get anything to make up for this loss but so far this just seems to just make them feel weaker as a result.

2) Find a way to integrate sneak attack into the main/regular attack if possible. So then it can trigger on bonus action attacks and the like.

3) Agreeing with others on requesting cantrips not leaving surface effects in general.

4) Targeting via clicking on portraits.

5) Allowing other party members to step in for the dialogue.

6) Allow all hairstyles to be available to either gender please.

7) Scar options in character creator would be nice too.

8) Longbows, shortbows, and crossbows all having the same range doesn't make sense. Longbows and crossbows should have a longer range than shortbows.

Edit -

9) Rogues are missing expertise! Rogues are supposed to be very reliable with skills outside of combat, hence their extra proficiencies and able to select some to have double the bonus.

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