Thanks for making this!

1. Party size. Lots of people asking for 6 character parties.

2. Party control. Movement doesn't need better AI, it needs a root and branch rethink. It's better than DOS but I'm still walking into traps and falling off cliffs. Lots of people asking for this.

3. Okay no one else is asking for this but if a spell's only target is 'self' you shouldn't need to cast and then target. Just cast False Life or similar on self by default.

4. Love the hairstyles and heads but elves need a head that makes them look like something other than 'thin human'. On at lease one head elven noses need to be smaller. The Shadowheart graphic at the top of the forum gets it right but in game her nose is disproportionate to her head.

5. Sorry, don't agree. Please don't de-clutter the world or reduce the number of scrolls -- larian got this one right. Loving the loot lust, glad my level 2 wizard always has something to do.

6. Make it easy to change appearance -- my toon is vain and likes to change hairstyles and makeup often. Please feed her vanity. ( Maybe even include fabric dye -- something that never really happened in DOS2 )

7. Hide the helmet!