Hey Vometia, I forgot it before: THANK YOU for pinning this post. You're doing a great job!

I'm really looking forward for the complete version of the game, but despite everything I really like the game.
I haven't finished the EA yet, I seem to find myself more concerned about some of the posts around the forums than playing....

I've seen quite a few posts asking and discussing about an open development roadmap.

I know it's early, really early, but yeah, maybe it would be good after consideration of all these points people are suggesting, to post at least a list of what Larian would plan to be working on?

Trying to get in here things I haven't seen in other replies or on the list:

-Open Development Roadmap
-Hide helmet option (seen it about 4~5 times, I'd like it too, hehe)
-short rests in between long rests could be increased to 2 (many people +1'd that if I recall)
-Warlock: Great Old One doesn't have any sub class features. (this was on my first post, b4 I found the feedback tool)
-Have a "pointer" to where we're moving, just saying it's occupied/has not enough space makes it hard to figure out what's the best next position
-Allow vertical angling of the camera. I originally posted this, but I've seen it a few more times. We can't really look up, even from the shoulder camera it still feels like we can't see all we would like to.
-Alignments, there were some posts about choosing alignments. 5e doesn't take alignments too strictly, but it could enrich dialogue and choices.
-Backgrounds should be story-impactful, not only mechanical (saw this a few times)

Here's a small personal request:
-Hexblade warlock and its mellee related invocations.

And another personal request I think has zero chance of being fulfilled:
-Could we turn into werewolves? Love werewolves.

PS: Been writing this for a while, some suggestions may be repeated.

EDIT: Alignments!!!!

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