Here's one someone else did, which I agree with:

All Death Saving Throws for PC's should be rolled manually. Force the game into turn-based mode for the dying character and all nearby characters if a character is making death saves during exploration or other non-combat situations.

EDIT: This does not apply to automatic failures from taking damage, nor to any automatic successes.


Allow for the creation of a "Custom" Background: You can pick any two skills, or possibly one skill and one tool proficiency (which really only means Thieves Tools at this time.) The UI for this is something similar you'll need anyway for the Bard class, which gives you proficiency in any three skills.


Standard Human is not worth using, because almost no decent build is going to need a +1 in three different ability scores. You made the Ranger different, surely you can do SOMETHING for the Standard Human.

Alternatively, even if the Feats aren't ready yet, add in the Variant Human for the +2 to two ability scores of your choice, and a bonus skill proficiency, and add the level 1 Feat feature in a later update.

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