I'm really liking the game so far, great job. My recommendations at the moment are:

1) PoE 1 and 2 did make me feel sooner that I was a part of a living and breathing larger world. For the most part, in the first few hours of this game, such references are limited to a few references to the city of Baldur's Gate.

2) Please have a world map to travel on, like in BG 1&2 and the POE games... don't do each chapter as a massive map like in DOS 1 & 2... just please don't... it felt way too gamey (e.g., stage 1, stage 2, stage 3...)

3) At times the Chapter 1 map feels so large and so many pathway options it is overwhelming. In line with my 2nd comment above, I recommend Larian consider splitting the map into two different maps and putting them on a world map as two different areas.

4) I don't think jumping should allow players to move farther in a turn than running. This encourages players to jump whenever they move, which IMO takes away some of the traditional D&D immersion.

5) I was able to cheese the combat by hiding in stealth, shooting to engage the enemy in combat, and then going back into stealth at the end of my combat turn. If you engage the enemy like that outside of their line of sight, they won't see you and will just stay still during their turn. One would think that the AI would at least have the enemy either run to cover or (for beasts, perhaps) run in the direction of the shot.