After finishing up the current early access, it's very easy to agree with everyone on cantrips shouldn't have surfaces. A lot of the harder fights became trivial when using frost ray has a high chance to slip someone right as it hits them, knocking them prone instantly, sometimes getting some enemies trapped cause they keep failing the check( Since the surface is just a bit wider then them, they still need to make 1-2 checks before they can leave unless they jump.) Some surfaces also don't seem to ever go away, the Brine bombs being a bad one since it hurts on walking. Else then that, I just have a couple suggestions for other things.

1. Warlock GOO subclass 1st level feature, or the current lack of one. Since telepathy might be kinda hard to use since it's a ribbon feature, Why not just let it give you a bonus use of the tadpole power, since it already uses a form of telepathy and wouldn't be a stretch to call it an eldritch ability.

2. Weapon selection on Character creation. Only cause if you build your character around a certain weapon, it sucks to hope you can find what you need eventually.

3. The entangled roots, and how lethal they are outside combat. I'm completely fine with people getting trapped in them, but not if they also hurt you outside combat. They also make you make a saving throw a little too often, with almost having a full party wipe cause I was running by and the AI walked into them. Have the damage effect just be a combat thing, since outta combat most characters aren't gonna rip themselves out and get hurt anyways.

4. This one is a spoiler so
Please don't have the absolute plot line telling me to head to the moon towers to get tested just end with "Haha, evil dood betrays you". I was surprised and excited when I could talk down the drow from killing me in the camp and she even offered a guide to get there. Having a failure option for it is fine but I wanna have at least some chance to side with them if I can. Also one of my favorite dnd books is The illithiad, which I recommend a read