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+1 to adding non-combat XP to the list please! There are some great interactions to be had with NPCs, and players should be rewarded for resolving non-combat situations.

From a personal perspective I'd also like to see this: I dunno how it fits in with D&D since, well, I don't really know anything about D&D (so I'm grateful to those who do!) but I've often thought that RPGs in general can be too combat-focussed for my tastes. XP from non-combat stuff goes some way to addressing that.

More catching up tomorrow. My brain needs a rest!

It is not uncommon for DM's to give out xp based on interactions, but I would just suggest that it not be too much. Just use it as a slight reward to show people that they did something cool using text, instead of an attack. I dont' know how you have the questlines set though. I would 100% be behind giving the exp that would be lost from not murder hoboing.