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Thank you for creating this! Digging through all my previous posts:

Character creation + character sheet:
- clearer view of skill proficiencies and their sources (for instance, "you get this Skill because of your race / background, etc.") - full list, distinguish non-proficient, half-proficient, proficient and expertise
- record all "passives" (stuff like 'Dueling' fighting style) on the character sheet as well
- resolve when skill proficiencies overlap (for example, getting Stealth from Street Urchin background + get Stealth from Lightfoot Halfling should resolve in me getting to pick another skill proficiency instead)
- better ability score tooltips: do not just describe the role of the attributes for classes + combat, explain their meaning also for dialogue etc.

- have companion skill proficiencies be accessible in the dialogue, and be able to use their skill proficiencies (important especially when dialogue is initiated on the player and they can't pick the companion that should actually talk)
example: I talk to someone who wants to learn some fighting moves, I'm no Fighter, but Lae'zel is. I should be able to pick Laezel (Fighter) - Dialogue option and let her do the explaining.

Equip weapons:
- game should let player opt to use versatile weapons 1H or 2H regardless whether their offhand is empty or not

5E Ruleset conflicts:
- according to PHB, spell-preparing classes can only prepare spells during a long rest (make it subject to difficulty maybe)
- according to PHB, casting two spells per turn should not be possible. Bonus Action Spells can only be combined with a cantrip (for instance, you cannot cast Bless and Healing Word on your turn)
- wrong tooltip description for Dueling fighting style passive: the bonus applies when you hold a 1H weapon in one hand and no other weapon - e.g. also when the other hand holds a shield
- cantrips should not be able to cause surface effects. Fire Bolt should not leave a fiery area with nothing to set on fire, Ray of Frost should only freeze the ground when there's liquid on it, etc. -- maybe reign in surface effects in general (debate)

Quality of Life / miscellaneous:
- true 4k resolution UI, main menu + chargen - at the moment it appears just "enlarged"
- Fast Travel: let us click directly on the waypoints on the map
- Let us ressurect / revivify NPCs that die in a fight
- sheathed shields should be visible on the back
- rapiers and other 1H weapons are usually not carried on the back when sheathed, but on your side
- Torches should not be considered a weapon of any restricted proficiency - currently Mages cannot carry one...

Just throwing in my support of this post, especially concerning the disconcerting visuals of having weapons stowed on your back instead of at your hip as they should be. Please, no polearms sheathed at back either, they should be held or unequiped.