My primary issue is related to performance.

I'm right in the middle between minimum specs and recommended specs, but get terrible amounts of stutter and poor fps, in particular when outside.
Of course, everything's silky smooth if I'm in a smaller interior location like a cave or dungeon of some kind.
I believe that this may have something to do with exactly how much world texture is being drawn? It almost feels as though the entire main map/outside world is all being rendered no matter where our characters are located.
And if I'm being honest, I'd much rather have my immediate viewable relevant surroundings look decent and be able to maintain a decent frame rate than have mountains or hillsides that are very, very far away look stunningly gorgeous.

I don't know anything about development or what's possible, but I'd love to see something along the lines of some type of "fog of war" or maybe a diameter around the party where things are textured and accounted for, but not everything within 100 miles is drawn-in and constantly taxing hardware whether we're near it or viewing it or not. Possibly even something as simple as a draw distance slider? I know that there's an option for smaller landscape details like flora and fauna and whatnot, but applying that same principle to the world in general would make a huge difference for a lot of people. That way, everyone with a build strong enough to see the entire world can, but those who still fall within spec who don't have a high-end rig can still enjoy a smooth experience. I'm sure that it's very different from a technical standpoint, but I had virtually no issues whatsoever playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 on very, very high settings, and I'm still struggling with the lowest of the low here because of what I suspect to be that draw distance issue.

Of course I understand that this is Early Access and that some optimization will take place, but I'll be devastated if the current way that the world is being rendered remains the same and will continue to plague me into retail release when I'm within the parameters to maybe not enjoy the prettiest experience, but a decent-looking one that's stable.

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.