Personally I would like to see custom characters stand out a bit more in dialog. Here's an example, I made a Wizard so high INT, proficiency in Arcana and History, so when I bumped into the Wizard companion who I would be inviting to join my party he talked to me the same way he spoke to a Cleric or Ranger custom character "You're not a wizard are you." and rather than my character being able to respond to the other Wizard with anything more intelligent to say than "Yeah, I'm a Wizard" and other generic dialog was disappointing. I'm certainly not looking for a snowflake character, but at least some different options more than what is being presented. I mean if the Wizard companion knows so much, why wouldn't my character? I know it means more work to animate, record vocal dialog reponses, and potentially bogging down the game without getting into the plot and such. Just saying it would be nice.