My suggestions :

1. Include name generator that could generate names, fitting for the race. Since I usually refer to PHB myself to think of a name for my character.

2. I know this might be difficult to implement, but I would love to have a proper Reaction implementation. As in, I could pick wether to react to an event or not.
Currently Attack of Opportunity is automatic, and Hellish Rebuke pretty much says that "if you use this spell, you expect yourself to get hit and would rather get hit than ending the encounter with Shatter or Magic Missile".
I would love for it to be properly implemented, so Featherfall and Hellish Rebuke becomes reaction spell. And we could get some staples like Shield and Counterspell as well.

Feedback :

1. There are quite a lot of infinite loop conversation in the game right now. (The one with caged goblin, and the one with wounded Tiefling for example)