Ok, fun, I few I cam up with...

- right-click interaction with portraits, like opening char sheet or inventory.
- option to sele select whole party for simulatnous stealth, jumping, attacking the same target, etc.
- make characters position when not on screen more visible (edge indicators).

- 5E has the option for group afforts. let the whole group roll as a team on stuff like breaking down doors, etc.
- better class implementation: who gehts to learn what spells; treat familiars as enteties, not spell effects that go away on rest, etc.

- character models need more love: let us equip backpacks, cloaks, quivers, etc. and make weapons appear as they should.
- customize armor appearance - mutliple models for the same type armor.

- more different difficulties. everything up to true pnp mode, complete with hunger, thirst and fatigue mechanics.

...to be continued.

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