While reading the evil book of thay, the third saving throw is either bugged, or intentionally impossible to save against. I rolled sufficient to make the listed DC saving throw, but still 'failed' with all the associated consequences.
Details: Closed book after first (wizard enhanced) save. Save game. Cast 'resistance' on book reader to improve saving throws. Read second page, succeed at saving throw. Immediately proceeded to third page, die roll matched the shown DC (14 in this case), but I still failed.
2nd edit: It may be that the bug, if there is one, is that a) resistance doesn't actually get taken into account for success, or b) rolling /equal/ to the DC is not a success for saving throws in general (which is not expected behavior). A natural 19 on the third saving throw did (eventually) succeed. With my wisdom the baseline saving throw was DC 18, so that would have succeeded with or without the resistance cantrip. Too hard to continue testing to verify which of the two cases above it actually is, sorry!

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