-Disengage jumping (distance) and remake the absurd animation (it looks like marvels hulk, if you jump high on a rock) +1

-Disable fasttravel on the minimap icon. Activate it only directly on runes (fasttravel points). Reduce fasttravelpoints radical, because we want to explore the map oldschool and dont want to teleport.

-Rework the restingsystem. You can beam yourself anytime magically out of a dungeon. We want to rest in a dungeon at a campfire. The "end of day" (long rest) option should setup a small campfire and bedrool at your position and only available, if there is a campfire. Fasttravel to main camp only available at runes (fasttravel points). Anymore: we want to enter and leave the camp normaly, not only via teleport. The onetime small resting should have a animation, like sitting down for while and do not heal only hp directly.

-Minimap is unclear - not clearly arranged. compass is out of the map

-Map: Be able to make our own notes on the map. +1
Anymore its unclear too and displaced if you setup your desktop scale higher then 100%.

-Baggage looks strange. Pleace add shields to the sword on the back, because if you draw your weapon the shield appears out of nowhere.
Anymore we need quivers, because its looks naked and unrealistic without a backquiver. Shordsword etc. should stay in a scabbard at you belt and not on your back.

-Party dialogue: let the player choose who speaks. +1

-A proper party size: 5 or 6 character party, 4 is too limiting for a D&D computer game. +1

-Character creation: more heads, size of the character

-Skill-checks: more detailled infos before diceroll

-More infos in chatwindow (lockpicking dc for example)

-a wizard can learn cleric scrolls
-shopsitems reset after fasttravel (you can buy same things again)

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