Some sort of indication if a jump would result in falling damage would be nice. Perhaps use the system that projects a white character shadow when you haveto move a bitr to make an attack and the game shows you to where. If there was a white landing shadow for safe jumps and a red one for risky jumps. (Im not asking for it to be 100% accurate, just a risk indicator of some sort)

Magic Missiles:
When shooting all three missiles at the same target they all have a separate arc, while this looks cool visually it can cause an issue with terrain. I had an instance outside the tiefling camp there I had line of sight to an enemy and aimed three missiles on it, but two of the missiles collided with terrain in the way so it was only 1/3 effective. For magic missiles in particular this is a problem since this spell has the tradeoff of lower but consistent damage that always hit. If I can see a target and aim all three missiles at one target then all three should hit.

Update post about rules changes:
Some sort of community update talking about what stuff are intentional changes to classes and what is stuff thats not there at the moment but are planned to be implemented. (Im not asking to know exact details or dates, I know that would be impossible, just some insight as to what are intentional class changes and what is just an EA thing, and possibly what might be an upcoming feature in the near future.)