IMO, your placement of jumping/action related stuff shouldn't be under other, they should be under the rulebook section.

- get closer to pnp. It's kind of covered, but i don't think the wording is quite right. The action economy can and should be as close to pnp as possible tbh. Same for jump rules, there's literally zero need to come up with ideas for either of those things, they're well defined and clear in 5e ruleset. Jump and disengage should be separate things. - D&D rulebook

- add the other missing actions fomr PHB/DMG: Disarm, Overrun, Tumble, Help, Ready, maybe even mark - D&D rulebook

- rogues shouldn't have two bonus actions. - D&D rulebook

- scrolls shouldn't be limitd by skill or intelligence, they should be limited by class spell list. - D&D rulebook

- add the cantrips that do specifically make surfaces (create bonfire and shape water).

- sneak attack should be automatic rather than an activated ability for rogues