A real life DM would probably allow you a Intimidate (Str) check if you're threatening to do physical violence and looks capable of following through. I would like if it is was possible at character generation to chose between several Intimidates, one for Cha, one for Str, one for Int. It would then be EVEN better if the dialogue along the way would change depending on whether or not you're threatening to make his ribcage into a birdcage (Str) or if you're threatening him intelligently "I see you're favoring your left leg but trying not to. I see you're quite a bit older than your pals here. They're probably counting the days until you're weak enough to take out. There's no safety in numbers among brigands you know. If we come to blows, can you really trust them to have your back? You've got enemies on all sides, you don't want to add us to your list as well" (Though I guess this could've been a persuade as well - but you get my meaning)

However the dialogue seems a bit dull at the moment (though I only just started). I hope, but I'm not optimistic, that the dialogue will become very interesting.