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Got another presentation/UI one:
Give the UI more of a pen and paper feel... right now itts too modern and slik for a Baldurs's Gate game. I'm talking more rustic fonts, paper/parchment backgrounds, stuff like that.

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noo, please don't. If I wanted to play an old game, I play the original... I actually think the UI is way too cluttered.

IMHO the answer to this one is probably with modding as there's no single UI that will keep everyone happy. I'll still list it as needing "more customisation options" or something like that, as it would be nice to do as much as possible in-game.

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I'm really surprised that disengage is not mentioned! EVERY enemy in the game can disengage, move then shoot an arrow to my face. IT MAKES NO SENSE and it also limits the rogue's usefulness.

That's the point of the exercise, to make sure everything is included. The original OP (OOP?) only had three things listed when I posted it! I think disengage is listed but it could be clearer so I'll do that when it gets its next review.

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