Yes ! i thought the same, the only way this op resting mecanic works in game is if you got a "Rod of Security" then i can use it and go to my great beach in my great pocket plane with all my friends.

Its a powerfull item, but if you are giving me the effect all the same, then give me a in game reason.

It would also be a great way to do a resting tutorial, you start the game, go to one of the early encounters after the crash, find the rod, give resting tutorial and explain why you can rest in any place.

Latter if we are in a city and want to rest in an in you can give us bonus for the in, and as its a pocket plane you could allow us to do so much more in there, like growing from a small camp to a bigger camp or even your own city with all your friends castle and so on , It will have a in game reason for it.

You can even make it something different from a rod that makes more sense, or make a plot line where your rod of security is stolen and you cant rest in the camp for a time. (or just an area with planar movement disabled that dont allow you to rest)

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