The more I think about this topic, the less any possible excuse I can find to justify the solution Larian is currently using stands on its own.

I was thinking about the VERY popular request to expand party size to five or six members (one I'm all in favor of, by the way) and I couldn't help but realize that if they do that, it becomes even more imperative to address how the party as a whole is managed by the player.

It's sort of baffling that the system used here makes controlling FOUR men out of combat more slow and cumbersome than controlling six of them in other games of this genre.

At the very least, even if Larian decides once again to ignore how overwhelmingly against their system the feedback seems to be in both of these areas (flashbacks of the armor system and the botched itemization in DOS 2 come to mind) they should at bare minimum add a quick hotkey that unchains/relinks all party members in one single key press.
I know that "Press Space to turn base" is more or less covering the same function, but not exactly in a practical and quick way.

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